Rotisserie Master

Will it fit my grill ?

This is a video Showing
 the Add -On -Kit on a Weber Kettle Grill

This video shows the add on kit cooking a 14 lb turkey.
Cooking on a Weber kettle grill, using indirect heat.

This video shows how to add and remove skewers, 
with 3 Kits on a 1/2" hex rod. 

 (Cooking 126 chicken wings)

Loading Chicken wings

The video shows the
 Rotisserie Master single add on kit,
 on the
 Weber Silver B grill

This video shows a double set
cooking 4 pork tenderloins 
on the Weber Silver B

Rotisserie Chicken
 on the
 Weber Genesis

with a single add on kit.

Jim Lampe from Wisconsin with ribs on his smoker.

 Mr Corigliano- Buffalo
Char-broil Quantum with 36 jumbo wings

Mr Edwards-Texas modified Primo Ceramic, cooking 50 Wings

Rob Davoli with 80 wings with a double set add on kit.

Butts & Links BBQ with a ring kit on the 22.5"Smokey Mountain

Will it fit my gas grill?
YES! If you have a Rotisserie Spit Rod
Weber Gas Grills, 
Char-Broil, Ducane, Master Forge, Grill Master, Brinkmann, Dyna-Glo, 
Broil King, Next Grill, Kitchen Aid 
and many other grills.
Weber 22 1/2" Kettle Grill Ring- 
One Touch Silver, Gold, and  Performer Silver,
Performer Platinum, Performer Gold

Weber 22.5" smokey mountain cooker

You can check to see if the Rotisserie Master Add on Kit will fit
your gas grill by doing the following.

You will need a tape measure.

  • 1st remove the grill grates (cooking surface)
  • 2nd place your rotisserie rod without the motor onto your grill bracket
  • 3rd depth: (up and down) from the center of the rotisserie rod measure up and down to the heat plate covering your burners. You will need 6” clearance from spit rod, if you do not have 6”  from the center spit rod to the burners, then remove the heat plates covering the burners and re-measure. 6" of clearance from the center rod. This will leave you 2" of cooking clearance. This is plenty of cooking space to accommodate a 4"-5" round piece of meat.
  • 4th length: (end to end) now measure lengthwise. You will need 20” from end to end. 20" minimum for the 19" skewer, or 26" minimum for the 25" skewer.
  • 5th width: (front to back) now measure the width. You will need approx. 6” from font and back of the center spit rod. Most if not all grills that can accommodate a rotisserie.

The Rotisserie Master will fit on 99% of the grills on the market. the only grills it may not fit are the smaller inexpensive grills. The Rotisserie Master measure 8 1/2'' x 19” assembled.

Assembly Instructions for The Rotisserie Master


See if it will fit!

The Rotisserie Master add-on-kit fits medium and large gas grills (most small grills do not have enough clearance). BEFORE assembling the Rotisserie Master add-on-kit, check to see that there is clearance for it to rotate freely without hitting anything. Also keep in mind, you need additional space for larger foods.

Here's How: Install your empty rotisserie rod on your grill brackets. Measure from the burner cover to the center of rod as shown. You need approx.. 6” of clearance. If it's close, and you need just a little more room, you can take the covers off your burners to give you the extra room you need.

If using the Weber Kettle Grill, the unit has enough clearance on top and bottom. The center of the rotisserie rod to the Weber kettle grill cover is approx. 7.5” this is sufficient depending on the diameter of the foods to be cooked. (example-  centering a 8" wide chicken will fit on the outside skewer if you put the legs facing inward. So the chicken breast is placed toward the center spit rod. 

 The Rotisserie Master add-on-kit, can be installed on your grill, after you know there is enough clearance with the minimum of 6". Place the add on kit on your grill, with heat and motor off, turn  the assembled rotisserie with the handle - rotate the unit a couple revolutions to visually double check that it isn't hitting anywhere and rotates freely.

  It Fits the Weber Kettle Ring (shown here) Please note! some Kettle grill lids have a hook  to hang on the base of the grill. When covering the grill with the add on kit,  make sure the hook/vent is NOT on the handle or motor side of the rotisserie. With this on the motor or handle side it could obstruct the rotation of the rotisserie and get caught on the lid hook.

  It fits the Weber Silver B (shown here). This grill has a 24" wide cooking surface.
                                          The overall length of the add on kit is 19".
Please note some gas grills have a thermometer probe in the center of the lid, that can be removed if necessary.


Step 1

Place collar provided, approximatly 2” from notch on handle side of rotisserie. Secure with a 1/8” hex key( not included)
Place collar approximately 3" from notch on most 24"wide gas grills. This is adjustable to accommodate your grill. by simply sliding the assembled unit to the center of your gas grill. Once placed to your comfort, secure the collar with set screw.

Step 2

Place bar with locks snug against collar with set screw. Using the center square on the locking bar, and placing on rotisserie rod.

Step 3

Place solid bar with the center square cutout, on the rotisserie rod. Place approximately 16 ½” opposite end of the lock bar.


Step 4

Place the skewers in the receiving or solid bar with the pointed end of the skewer. Place the handles in the lock bar with the knobs flush against the bar.

 Step 5

Place both skewers on your rotisserie rod and place in the lock bar notch. Slide locks over the skewers,tighten and secure all thumb screws. Adjust skewers if necessary, by loosening slide lock and slide skewer to adjust.

Step 6

Place the Rotisserie Master add-on-kit fully assembled in your Kettle Grill (or Gas Grill) without the motor attached. Align properly so it spins freely. Adjust if necessary.
When cooking its best to check and make sure the thumbscrews are secure. And when removing and placing the lid back on the kettle that the vents/hook is not on the motor or handle sides.
The total length of the Rotisserie Master add-on-kit is, - approx 19".

Set Includes:

  • 2 bars – 1 solid bar, 1 lock bar with slide locks and thumb screws
  • 2 Rotisserie rods / Skewers
  • 4 meat prong forks
  • 1- 5/16" collar

CAUTION: Unit will be HOT in operation - for protection use oven mitts when handling this product.

The Rotisserie Master add on kit will fit medium to large gas grills, 22.5 Weber kettle style grills. The Skewer rods are stainless steel 19"L x 5/16”W.

The Rotisserie Master skewer holder unit is 5/16” x 8 ½”L x 1”W made of anodized aluminum.



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